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Richmond is an island city located south of Vancouver. It has eight local neighbourhoods and is home to the Richmond Olympic Oval, a venue for the speed skating events of the 2010 winter Olympics. As it is right next to the Vancouver Airport, it is home to many different luxury hotels and conference centres, making it ideal for convention and other events. A major tourism draw of the City is the Steveston Heritage Village and Fisherman’s Wharf, a national museum that shows the City’s deep roots in the fishing industry.

Trade shows and public events are no time to be meek! This is your great opportunity to showcase what you are about to the audience that cares about you the most. You can’t afford to disappoint your visitors. We’ve seen too many event booths in Richmond that are uncoordinated, badly appointed and would make you wonder if they spent all their money on the booth space and had nothing left over. Don’t make the same mistake. We here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply are experts at trade show event advertising. If you think that trade show display packages are unaffordable, you haven’t talked to us yet. We will make the effort to work with your vision as well as your budget to make your exhibit one to remember for both you and your customers. From beautiful retractable banners to custom stretch logo table cloths, we want to make sure your customers see you in the best light possible.

Richmond Roll Up Banners

Create a lasting impression with the classic staple of event signage: The roll up banner. It is still the best and most cost effective way to make yourself known to your customers at your next trade show event. Also known as standing banner, pull up banner or pop up banner, we carry them in sizes approx. up to 80 inches tall and in various widths to suit your advertising. Construction wise, they are made from heavy duty aluminium frames to withstand continuous and repeat usage across all your events and expos. Each of our pop up banners have a base, a pole, artwork already installed in the base as well as a handy carrying case that stores the banner when not in use to protect it. Installation and setup of these vertical banners are very simple and one person can set it up in typically under a minute. They are easy to take down as well because they retract into their aluminium bases. As for the different types of retractable banner bases, we offer three different types of bases to suit your style and budget as well as use cases. There is the standard roll up banner base, premium and deluxe versions. Each is a bit of a step up from the previous one in terms of appearance and quality. But rest assured, even our standard retractable banner is made to last repeated usage. Our customers in Richmond are using these in a variety of venues such as trade shows, sales, retail and outdoor events.

Advertising Flag Supplier in Richmond

Our custom printed flag banners are very popular with our customers in Richmond. These advertising flags are perfect as stand alone signage or complementary to other outdoor signage such as a-frame signs and outdoor tents. Durable and beautiful, they are the ideal choice for getting your name out there no matter what the weather conditions may bring. Installation is a snap and only one person is required to set up the flag banner. We use high quality and heavy duty polyester fabric to print our flags to make sure they stand up to the elements. As for sizes, they come in anywhere from approx. 7’ all the way up to 16’. All of our flag signs come with their own carry cases, making storage and transportation easy. There is plenty of choice as well when it comes to the style of flag. The most common flag styles we carry are: Swooper, feather, blade and teardrop styles. We are sure to have the perfect size and style of flag banner for you!

Richmond Graphic Backdrops

Depending on the size of your trade show booth, our customised backdrop displays might be the perfect way to start the conversation with your customer. Stand out from the competition with a large, beautifully printed and eye-catching backdrop display that is simply irresistible. If your trade show booth is 10’ or larger, we have the perfect backdrop for you to fit your taste and budget. On the economic end, we have our telescoping step and repeat banners that have exposed tube framing and digital print vinyl or fabric graphics. Other types of backdrops include our stretch fabric pillow style displays that you put over an aluminium tube frame, which gives it a taught look and hidden framing. All our backdrop banners are easy to assemble, mostly needing only one person and no tools required! They also come with their own carrying cases for easy storage and transportation.

Richmond Table Banners

No matter what kind of event or conference you are exhibiting in Richmond, it is necessary to have a custom logo table cover for your table, otherwise your visitors will just be looking at your legs! Take advantage of this low hanging fruit display area with your customised trade show table cover. We can print any type of art that you want, making sure that your customers know who you are and what you represent. As for sizes, we carry the most common, including 4’, 6’ and 8’. For longer tables, you can simply place them side by side. Depending on the type of look that you want, we have options there for you too. If you value a modern, clean look, the fitted table throws will make your table look like a display box. Or if you are the artistic type, we have stretch fitted table covers that are clean and taught looking. Of course there is also the classic drape over the table style.

Richmond Step and Repeat Backdrops

The step and repeat banner is a very effective means of advertising your message to potential customers. Our clients in Richmond have used them extensively in their trade shows to great effect. While called step and repeat banners, they can refer to different types of backdrops. There are backdrops that use stretch fabric over a tube frame, pop up backdrops that have side panels or banners with pocket poles that slide over the horizontal bars of a frame. No matter which type you are interested in, we have the correct choice of step and repeat banner for you.

Richmond Branded Pop Up Tents

Bringing your show under a custom printed canopy tent is an easy way to stand out amongst other outdoor exhibitors in your vicinity. Tents are extremely effective communication tools if they are branded because people recognize you from far away amid all the chaos of outdoor fairs and shows. It protects your representatives from the elements and is more inviting to your customers than exhibitors who don’t have a tent. Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we have a wide range of pop up tent sizes to suit your needs. We have 5’ tents all the way up to 20’ custom printed tents. Our tents feature heavy duty aluminium or steel legs that are telescopic and can be set at various heights. If you want to ensure that your company generates lots of buzz and your next outdoor event in Richmond, setting up a custom pop up tent is a great way of accomplishing that.

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Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we pride ourselves on the level of professionalism and attention to detail to each of our customers. We’ve helped countless clients in Richmond with their trade show and event signage throughout the years. Our understanding of the trade show industry and best practices sets us apart from the competition. Call and see how we can help you!